Dallas' Hidden Oasis; aka 'The Redneck Country Club'

At the end of this overgrown, bumpy road in east Dallas, you'll find the 'Redneck Country Club"

   Let me start by saying that I love to swim. I carry trunks in my car, just in case the opportunity arises, lest I be unprepared. Not having my own swimming pool though leaves me few options.
   I could go to the public pool in Lakewood. But an unaccompanied adult male hanging at the public pool, that looks a little weird.

  Being new to East Dallas,  a neighbor suggested I try the 'Redneck Country Club'. The RCC is the nickname given to the Eagles Lodge 3108 which graciously allows their east Dallas neighbors to use their pool for a mere $7.00. The only problem, even though it's really close to the Dallas Arboretum, you'd only find it if you had really good directions.

Follow this obscure road and look for the sign below

When you see this, you know you've found it. 
  Once you do find it, you may balk at the $7.00 entrance fee. But it's well worth it when you consider that the Eagles Lodge has a liquor license. This is a really big deal in east Dallas, which had been dry for over 50 years. Not only can you buy a beer and lay out by the pool, but you can also buy mixed drinks! And you don't have to show your unicard, like you did at the only other bar in East Dallas, Chili's.

The Oasis of East Dallas

   Be prepared for a scene unlike any in Dallas. First, you must walk through the Eagles Lodge Bar to pay and get your adult wrist band. Be prepared to feel as if you walked back to 1971. The photos of past Eagles presidents look down upon you and proudly proclaim that the city's smoking ordinance isn't enforced here.

   Out by the pool you'll notice perhaps the most unusual mix of people in Dallas. Families with young kids, retired Eagles Lodge member and tattooed hipsters who found the last place in North Texas to smoke. (warning, there is a lot of smoking here, just like in 1971). But who cares; the weather's hot and the pool and the beer are cold. Come on over and enjoy a swim. 

   To find the Eagles Lodge, turn east onto Lakeland Drive from Garland Road (across for the Dallas  Arboretum). Cross the train tracks and then right on Arturo Road. Take Arturo past the overgrown vacant lots, the home with the horse pen and abandoned house, to the dirt road into the Lodge grounds.  Or follow this map. Park anywhere.

   For more information on Eagle Lodge 3108, click here

Update -2018

    It's been 7 years since I wrote the original post.  A few things have changed since 2011. First it's now $10 to visit during the weekends. 
    Secondly, East Dallas has passed new liquor laws and you no longer need the Unicard to get a drink at Chilis. In fact, there are numerous place that now serve liquor in East Dallas. The added competition has done little to temper the popularity of the Eagle's pool.  It's seem more popular than ever, and they have added a number of outdoor bars for the weekends. 
   And t is still one of the last place is Dallas that allows smoking. There is still a lot of smoking here. 

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  1. This is truly a great place to spend a weekend afternoon. Nice job Hawkeye but you forgot to mention that the organization raises money for numerous charities. They have burgers, hot dogs, hotlinks and fries cooked on the outside grill on the weekends. The money raised by the grill goes to one of the Eagle charities. I love the pool and their annual crawfish boil and chili cook off. And they have a great jukebox.


  3. Found their Facebook page. Facebook search Dallas Fraternal Order of Eagles 3108.

  4. My great uncle was a member of this club of many years, we used to have our family reunions at the club and always loved, not only the pool, but the tree covered play areas. Great place for family gathers and cold beer doesn't hurt either!

  5. My family and I still have the pleasure of hanging out at the "Redneck Country Club". Those who venture out to this hidden oasis will find that the folks there are quite friendly. We love the cheese burgers and cold beer. Oh yeak...Hawkeye forgot to metion all the interesting and colorful tatoos one can admire while enjoying the cold beer...