Go Back In Time - At The Dairyette

    "It's like a heart attack made of wood, but it's delicious"
A quote from my daughter Meranda

      In 1956, Ed and Andy Prikryl opened The Dairyette in East Dallas. 50 plus years later, not much has changed. They still offer car hop service. They still make hand made shakes, malts, burgers and fries. And they still make their own root beer in the big barrel. (The female carhops complain that only the guys are allowed to make the root beer, another example of things that haven't changed.)


   My daughter discovered the Dairyette during her freshman year at Bishop Lynch High School, which sits across the street.  After school, the place is packed with uniformed students.  But the Dairyette, which is opened till ten, draws a very diverse crowd throughout the day. 


   The Dairyette offers service at your car, but you'd be missing part of the experience if you don't go inside. The interior, a celebration of wood and vinyl, hasn't changed since it opened. The aroma of greasy burgers immediately assaults your senses. It is quite possible that you might be smelling the first burger ever cooked. 

   A east Dallas icon, the Dairyette is located at 9785 Ferguson Road, just around the corner from Fonzie's garage.