What's the Story Behind this Giant Hat?

   I recently noticed this giant bowler hat sitting in a field across from downtown Dallas. As public art goes, this is a pretty cool piece. But how did it end up there? And why?

   The hat was created by artist Keith Turman, commissioned for Timothy Oulton's furniture store on Central and Knox Street. However, the store didn't have the proper permit for the giant hat and it was never installed.

The Timothy Oulton Logo, featuring the Bowler Hat

   Upon suggestion, Turman donated the unused work to the Cedars neighborhood in Dallas, home to a variety of artists and studios. Today, when driving eastbound on I-30 thru downtown, you can get a short glimpse of the Bowler when you look south of the Convention Center. It's best to see it when driving thru the Cedars at the corner of Ervay and Griffin Street.
Note:  The Timothy Oulton store has now closed, but the hat remains. 

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