Our latest implosion!


Three at once!  Three building at UT Southwestern in Dallas imploded all at once! 

The Uptown Building of Central that didn't quite fall all the way  2-16-2020, leaving the "Leaning Tower of Dallas

A Downtown Dallas office building owned by the First Baptist Church was brought down on Saturday June 29, 2019

    Westchester Plaza, a 12 Story Apartment Complex in Fort Worth come down Sunday Morning,  March 18 at 8 am.  The Apartments were on the corner of 8th Avenue and Pennsylvania in the Medical District across the street from the Thistle Hill Mansion.   The building was constructed in 1951.


    Texas Stadium,  home of the Dallas Cowboys for almost 40 years, met it's fate on April 11, 2010. Located in the apex of Highways 114, Northwest Highway and 183, the stadium parking lots were once used on non game days as drive in Movie theaters.

   The Thomas Building in downtown Dallas was used for the Cotton business for over 70 years. It sat vacant for it's last 20 years before coming down in November of 2012.  It's site, 1314 Wood St.  is now used for parking. 

   The First Baptist Church of Dallas imploded 4 buildings of their downtown campus for new construction on October 30, 2010. 

   The Power Plant of Northlake in Coppell comes down in 2012. 

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