The Ruins of the Metroplex - Fort Worth's Tandy Center Subway

The Tandy Center Subway at it's final stop, before the driver walked to the other side of the car and  drove it back to the parking lot

The Subway leaving the tunnel and headed back to the parking lots

A 1960's Post Card of the original Leonard Subway (later the Tandy Center Subway)
One of the original cars is now on display in Downtown Fort Worth

   Recently, Downtown Fort Worth unveiled a modern streetcar display, a prelude to a future that someday might include a sleek and efficient way to travel to and from downtown. For a moment, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia. Didn't we already have this?

   For nearly 40 years, Fort Worth was home to the world's only privately owned subway. Born in 1963, it was built to connect Leonard's Department Store with its parking lots on the outskirts of downtown. It was later used to serve the Tandy Center, a downtown mall and corporate headquarters for the Tandy Corporation (Now Radio Shack). It took its last passengers into downtown in 2002.   

   Last week, I set out to see if I could find any remains of the Tandy Center Subway and if I could find the entrance to the tunnel leading into downtown. 

This sign still sits at the end of one of the decaying parking lots.
Unfortunately, it's no longer visible from Forest Park Boulevard because of overgrowth.
There were once four stops before the final downtown destination. The Yellow Stop still stands today.

A mattress in the old Red Stop suggest that is being used for some other purpose.

A simple but important warning from days gone by. 

Leaving the yellow station, the remains of the power grid overhead.

The path of the Subway before it hit the downtown tunnel.

The modern confines of Radio Shack Headquarters today. Using Google Earth Time Line I was able to determine the tunnel entrance is buried near the foot of the building on the left. 
A tree grows on the path to the rail barn.

Remains of the tracks leading to the rail barn and service yard.

Learn more about the Tandy Center Subway by visiting the Leonard's Department Store Museum

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