Downtown McKinney - What Took Me So Long?

    I have always been a fan of metroplex downtowns . Mesquite, Plano, Irving and Carrolton have all grown past their humble beginnings as a small town. But if you search, you can find their original downtowns. Some are quaint, some have become home to antique shops and a restuarant or two, but few could be called vibrant.

   But vibrant is exactly the word I would choose for downtown McKinney. I am bit embarrassed that I haven't found it before. (It is a pretty for from Fort Worth, where I lived for most of the past many years) But next to downtown Fort Worth, I can't think of another downtown that has this much to offer. I snapped a few pictures Saturday night when I discovered downtown McKinney for the first time.

The old Collin County Courthouse, now home to the McKinney Performing Arts Center

Sauce, one of the many restuarants to offer sidewalk seating
The lobby of the Grand Hotel. Their 2500 Square Foot Ballroom was once the Opera House of McKinney

This block offered 5 restuarants including one that offers live jazz

I love the name of this shop

The Palace Barber Shop. 4 chairs, no waiting. 

People of all ages go to downtown McKinney. It happened to be Prom Night for McKinney High School

Square Burger, a hip joint in an Art Deco building across from the courthouse.

Shopping on the Square, at Gray Living, one of many downtown. 


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