The Tunnels of Downtown Dallas - The Worst Idea Ever?

Most people I've asked don't realize they exist, mainly because you can't see them. Former Mayor Laura Miller calls them the "worst urban planning decision that Dallas has ever made". Many believe that they were the final nail in the coffin that is Downtown Dallas, because they sucked all the business people off the street.

Watch this short video about Downtown Dallas' extensive tunnel system and see if you don't feel the same.


  1. Dallas has suffered so much from poor planning and bad vision. But...I still love it. I am a native Dallasite born to 2 native Dallasites. I even love those scary tunnels. Maybe someone will find a use for them for something more life building in the future.

  2. Great video, great site, always enjoy coming here and learning something new.

  3. Urban planners screwed up big time in the 1060's.

    They have even worse ideas now. Anti humanist, zero growth architects, crony-capitalist developers, and leftwing politicians are pushing trying to push people back into center city.

    All the geniuses should back off and let the market take care of things.