An Update - Fort Worth Finds a Waterfall

    Last year I wrote about the city of Fort Worth finding a waterfall on a piece of land it was given from the old Carswell Air Force Base. The fact that this waterfall existed and nobody in the city knew about it, is itself quite a story.

  As you may remember, the city built a trail complete with bridges to the site. Unfortunately, finding the trailhead proved to be a bit of a challenge. There was no sign marking the trail and no parking lot either. Though I gave directions to the unmarked trail, it was still a difficult to find. The city promised to finish the trailhead by the summer of 2010

   Recently I visited the waterfall to see the finished area. I was disappointed to find that little has changed. This temporary sign does mark the site but the parking lot has yet to be constructed.

   Still, it's worth a visit to this recently discovered natural wonder. It's a short 5 minute walk from the proposed parking area and the trail continues on and connects to the Trinity Trails.  It's been a rather dry winter and the falls and somewhat low, but it's still a spectacular find for the people of Fort Worth.

Directions to the Fort Worth Waterfall trailhead, just outside the main gate to Carswell JRB Naval Air Station.

Read to original post, on how the city discovered this waterfall.

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  1. We went just the other day. I should go out there today, since we just got some rain, but it's SO cold!