The Grave Sites of Bonnie and Clyde (Plus the Barrow Gas Station Location)

Just Added:  Hear Mark Stuertz author of Secret Dallas discusses the gas station owed by Clyde Barrow's father that still exists in West Dallas.  Hear the interview at the 10:15 mark 

 I recently set out to visit the grave sites of notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. Both  are buried in Dallas. Despite their wish to be buried together, the Parker family denied their request.

    Bonnie Parker was originally buried in Fishtrap Cemetery off Singleton Road in Dallas but in 1945 her body was moved to the new Crown Hill Cemetery.

Directions to Crown Hill Cemetery 

Enter Through the Lombardy Lane Entrance

   Clyde Barrow was buried next to his brother in west Dallas' Western Heights Cemetery off Fort Worth Avenue. The cemetery has a fence and a locked gate, which causes a lot of visitors to think that that cemetery is off limits.
    But at the east corner of the lot, the fence ends, and there are welcoming steps into the cemetery.


No criminal mind could penetrate this fortress of security. 

A few years from the locked gate are steps into the cemetery

   Not far from the Barrow gravesite is a old gas station that was once home to the Barrow family. Located on 1221 Singleton, the building is vacant and for sale.


The gas station in its early days

Available for purchase, the gas station today 

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  1. Bonnie Parker is a distant cousin of mine!

  2. Ive heard that just a headstone was moved for Bonnie, to distract visitors and disturbance to the original grave. I think the original grave is still marked with a brick with her initials on it.