The White Rock Lake Spillway After Heavy Rain

   Normally the While Rock Lake Spillway in East Dallas is pretty calm. Water usually laps over the side and meanderers down to the creek.

   Quite a different story after 4 inches of rain in 24 hours. I shot this short video this afternoon.

A Surprising View of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (aka The Big Bent Pole)

   This afternoon, I took a few up close photos of Dallas' new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which is slated for a March 2012 opening. I was able to get a shot standing on the median of the bridge, looking east.
   From this vantage point, I got quite a surprise. Unlike most bridges, where the cables hold up the outer portion of the roadway, this bridge is designed with the cables holding up the center.
   I put together a few clips in this :30 second video.

   Update: A few days after the original video, I got an opportunity to officially walk across the bridge before it opened for traffic. It gave me a chance to capture a unique view point that will be unavailable when cars occupy the lanes.