The Bridge to Nowhere Becomes the Bridge to Somewhere

     People jokingly called the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge the bridge to nowhere. Rightfully so. Have you ever been to West Dallas?
   West Dallas? Isn't that what we call Irving? It was truly the forgotten land of the metroplex.
   Which is why so many people questioned the logic behind building a signature bridge to the land of nowhere.

    But the land of nowhere is about to become the land to somewhere. Woodall Rogers emptying onto a Calatrava designed bridge landing into a section of Dallas that is close to downtown and has acres of cheap land. People are taking notice. People with money. People like Phil Romano, whose name has a place of honor atop every Macaroni Grill in America.

A group of brightly painted warehouse that are about to become a row of restuarants
   Romano and a group of investors have been preparing for months for the arrival opening of the bridge and all that it will bring.  Newcomers to West Dallas are going to see a variety of brightly painted buildings, restaurants, newly planted trees and new parking lot to handle the crowds...
Dozens of trees about to be planted at the edge of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the new gateway to West Dallas.
and on top of that add a number of Shepard Fairey murals. Fairey, best known for the Obama Hope poster, has been working on the outskirts of downtown for about a week.

    Earlier today I did a google search of a Fairey print and found that they were going for thousands of dollars. How much is an original worth painted on the side of a warehouse in West Dallas?  Who knows?