Ruins of the Metroplex: Signs of our Past

   I love when I find an old building that still sports a remnant of it's past, in the form of signage. Especially the classic white letters painted on a black background over brick or metal. 

   Here is a collection of signs of our past, some left by their new owners, others just left to the ravages of time. 

Located at Northwest highway in Dallas near Plano Road. This sign spans the entrance of the old parking lot. Penny Whistle Park was an indoor amusement park that featured rides for very young children 

I spotted this on an renovated building next to Gilley's  in Dallas' Cedars neighborhood.  The Chase Bag Company is long gone but it's sign was left by the current owners. 

Found on Jefferson Ave in Oak Cliff, the recently closed Oak Cliff Hardware, whose sign was reused from a previous furniture store. 

From the Cedars neighborhood just south of downtown. This renovated property kept the Piggly Wiggly and Hotel Sign for their project. 

The Atlas Metal Works in West Dallas at the corner of Sylvan and Singleton. This building is still in use, but the natural decay of their signage often leads motorists to think it's an abandoned property .

In downtown Dallas, between the Convention Center and Union Station, this office building still advertises for it's original tenant

This rooftop bar on Denton not only overlooks the Courthouse Square, it also overlooks the old Evers Hardware sign on the building next door

Spotted on Main Street in Deep Ellum, Carson Warehouse can still be read on the ever fading signage.

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