An End To Fort Worth's Most Beautiful Building?

The massive columns of the downtown Fort Worth Post Office, located at Lancaster and Commerce

 This afternoon, I went to the downtown Fort Worth Post Office to mail my Christmas packages. For me, it is a yearly tradition to use the old Main Office, even though there is a Post Office just a few blocks from my house.
   Why do I bother? Mainly it's an excuse to visit one of the city's architectural gems, and I have made it part of my annual yuletide tradition. Sadly, the Post Service is thinking of moving the downtown branch  to smaller quarters. It no longer needs the massive building, which once served as the main postal center for Fort Worth when it was built in 1931.
    The city of Fort Worth has expressed an interest in buying the building and making into a new City Hall, but the economics of the purchase may not be in its favor.
   I realize that this may be the last year I'll be able to stop there during the Christmas season and I wanted to take a few pictures, for those who've never thought to mail a letter in this palace like structure

One of two main entrances, the art deco touches reflect the style of 1931

Massive marble columns great visitor in the entry portal

Notice the details ceiling

The rows of PO Boxes and continuation of the green marble

The strange detail on a lamp inside the lobby 

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