Coming to Dallas - A Whole New Side of Town

   Ask someone to name their favorite thing about West Dallas, and there's a good chance they might reply, "I've never heard of West Dallas."

   West Dallas has long been forgotten, separated from downtown by the Trinity River. But this spring, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge connected Woodall Rogers Freeway to West Dallas. Maybe you've never noticed what is on the other side of the bridge but you soon will.
   Developers are rushing into this long forgotten part of Dallas which features cheap land (for now) close proximity to downtown and suddenly has access to three major freeways. (30, 35E and Woodall Rogers all now have exits into West Dallas.)

  I revisited the area this week and found a buzz of activity. Get ready Dallas, a whole new side of town is coming soon

In the shadow of downtown and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the  patios that will be part of Trinity Groves takes shape

Trinity Groves, looking west

The limestone patios of a develop that will feature numerous new restaurants

A new microbrewery just west of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Babb Brothers BBQ, a catering company from Arlington about to open it's first store

An art deco style redo takes shape. Sadly, it replaces the recently finished Sheppard Fairey mural  which was just finish earlier this year. (Pictured below)

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