The $10 Million View

   I recently had an opportunity to visit the new 43 story Museum Tower overlooking Woodall Rogers Freeway and the new Deck Park. The building is still months from completion but my friend Josh Frye has a few connections and took me to the construction site.

   When the tower opens it will feature condos starting at $1 million with a $10 million penthouse. I wondered what a $10 million view looks like, so I brought my camera along. Chance are, I probably won't ever get inside this building again.

A rendering of the completed tower with a $10 million condo on the top floor.

The Tower, looking up from the ground floor

Inside the finished $1 Million Condo

A view high above the new deck park. 

Looking west

On the very top of the building, 43 floors above downtown. (Yes, I am a little nervous)

My buddy Josh has no qualms standing against a flimsy wooden rail, 43 floors above downtown

Rendering of your finished $10 Million balcony. To be honest, I can't see how anybody would ever feel comfortable sitting out there.

Looking north toward Love Field from the unfinished penthouse. My knees were weak taking this photo .

High enough to look through the hole of this building.

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