The Ruins of the Metroplex - Fort Worth's Meadowbrook Drive In

   One of the few remaining drive in theatre screens in Fort Worth can be seen just north of I-30 on Riverside Drive, east of downtown. The former Meadowbook Drive In has been closed over 30 years, but I have always been intrigued to see if anything other than the screen remains.  
   On a whim, I decided to stop and do a little snooping. One of my first surprises was the old marquee that was still intact, although in disrepair. The sign was meant to be seen from Riverside Drive, but trees and brush had long since blocked it from the street. 
   Notice the bicycle on top of the marque

  In the late 1980s after the theater closed, it became home to Cowtown BMX. The marquee was repainted and the bike was added to the top. You can till see a faded portion of the BMX repainting job.

   While I was walking toward the sign I was approached by Bradley, a homeless gentleman who lives in the woods behind the screen. Bradley went to Fort Worth's Poly High School in the early 70's and remembers going to the Meadowbrook Drive In when it cost $1.50 a carload. He informed me that the motorists once drove underneath the marquee and stopped at a now demolished booth to pay admission.

   The grounds are now used as a storage area for dumpsters. The screen remains, and can be seen from I-30. However,  trees have since grown quite high in front of it.

   Bradley showed me where the concession stand used to be. You can see tile from the old bathrooms in the lower part of the photo.

   You have to search for them, but you can still find a few remnants of the speaker posts.


  1. The summer of 1974 was the last time I went to the Meadowbrook drive-in. Some high school friends and I took a ice chest full of beer with us. One guy made out with a fat chick in the car next to us just to steal her 8-track tapes which he did. I didn't say we were nice guys or particularly smart.

  2. So sad...I remember going to drive-ins as kid and they were always so much fun. Just found your blog and am loving reading up on local places!

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