A Great Day Trip - A Train Ride to Small Town America (for only $4) Can You Guess Where I Went?

    I recently took a day trip via the train to one of the most charming towns in North Texas. A perfect excursion for antique shoppers, history buffs or just anyone who wants to spend a day in Mayberry USA. I bet you've heard of this town but didn't know about the train that stops in its downtown.  Peruse the photos and try to guess where in Texas I am.

This is one of the oldest train stations in the state. Stop in and get a historic walking guide to the city.

The original High School dates back to the 1920's

The High School Auditorium was built during the depression by the WPA

The spectacular lobby of the depression era auditorium

This home in the Historic District had a seven sided porch.

I love the native landscaping of this restored home.

A friendly neighbor who let me take his picture and told me the history of his 100 year old house.

The homes in the Historic District or just a few steps west of the rail station and downtown.

The view from across the street from the Train Station. I love the brick streets. Have you figured out what town this is?

The Filmore Pub in Downtown. A local favorite.

The original home of the Oddfellows Lodge, in the 1930s it was 'modernized' to look like a art deco structure. 

A new business opens up in the 100 year old town.

The George Building is 110 years old and houses a really cool Pizza Place with a Rooftop Lounge, a very hip surprise. 
Notice the new loft apartments that were recently built. This community's  downtown continues to thrive

Just east of Downtown is the Old Town District. One of the town's more prominent residents. 

The Carpenter House Bed and Breakfast in the Old Town District.

May I suggest lunch at Jorg's Cafe Vienna. The owner, Jorg, is from Austria and his food is both authentic and delicious.

Jorg met his American wife and moved with her back to her native Texas.  Quite a surprise to find a little piece of Austria  in this humble town. Where am I????

The Masonic Lodge is one of the oldest in Texas and still in use.

Have you figured out where I am? 

Scroll Down for the Answer

Did you guess


Didn't know that Plano had a downtown? You're probably not alone. Downtown Plano is over 100 years old and has buildings that date back to the days when it was a small farming community, north of Dallas. In 1960, Plano only had 3600 residents. By 1970, the number grew to 17,000. Today, it has over a quarter million people. 

And the $4.00 round trip train ride? The was the Dart's Red Line from Mockingbird Station to the Downtown Plano stop. 

To find Downtown Plano take the 15th Street exit (Exit 29) off US 75 and head east.

Click Here to find out more about Historic Downtown Plano

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  1. Born and raised. Knew it was Plano by the first picture.