My Trip to Cooper's BBQ (Finally)

    Yesterday, I finally got a chance to visit Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ, the famous LLano, Texas outpost that has opened up a location in the Fort Worth Stockyards across from Billy Bob's.  Some, including Texas Monthly and President Bush (who legend says placed to go orders to be delivered to Washington) say this is the best barbeque in Texas. 
     Realizing that choosing the best BBQ is subjective, I decline to place any joint at the top of the list. That being said, it is definitely on the list. It's an amazing meat experience. ("Amazing Meat Experience" is a copyrighted phrase of Hawkeye inc)
   The Meat Experience starts the moment you walk off the street into the Meat Room. Before you even realize you are in the restaurant, the pit master has taken your meat order, cut it and plopped it on a plastic tray.  

   Cooper's is known for the big pork chop (pictured below). Be warned. I ordered one and before I knew it, a pound and half chop which cost me $17.39 was plopped and I was sent to the next room to have my chop weighed, wrapped and and replopped. 

   If you desire sides (as if a pound and a half of meat isn't enough) they'll sell potato salad and coleslaw for $2.50. However, big pots of free beans are placed around the restaurant for you to plop on your tray.  Don't expect a plate, just a sheet a butcher paper to line your tray, (oddly, it's given to you after your meat has already been placed on the tray. The whole experience is a bit overwheling for a first time visiter, but the meat is a slice of heaven. I'll visit again, but next time I probably will order a little less. 


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